Here’s How to Easily Redesign Your Workplace for Safe Distancing

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With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic – and new wave of cases in many states – businesses, schools, and other organizations continue to struggle to create safe environments for their workers, students, customers, and guests.  At one point, there seemed to be hope that many businesses would be able to operate somewhat normally, but it now seems more likely that masks and distancing are with us for the foreseeable future.

In addition to new cleaning protocols and screening policies, one of the things facilities have to deal with is distancing.  Ultimately, this may be the last remnant of the pandemic to disappear – if it ever does.  The fact is that most companies (62%) are concerned about risks to their employees or customers, and many are already developing new plans for their physical spaces.  It’s likely increased spacing is going to be the new normal when it comes to workplaces

That means a lot of time will be spent redesigning of workspaces and other venues to maximize capacity while minimizing risk, which can be a time-consuming and highly inefficient task without the right tools.  To help companies in their effort to create appropriate spacing and limit the spread of the virus, Kaon Interactive has launched a new COVID-19 Space Planning Tool.

The free interactive tool is designed to help create effective physical plans in offices, restaurants, schools, and other interior spaces that will maximize functionality while limiting the potential spread of the virus.

“We believe that we are doing our small part to help the broader economy recover as fast as possible.  We hope to harness the power of our technology platform to enable organizations around the world to make operational decisions that are designed to keep their patrons and customers as safe as possible.”

Gavin Finn, CEO & President, Kaon Interactive

The tool provides a 3D visualization of any space based on its specific sizing and configuration.  Office managers, for instance, are able to add desks, chairs, cabinets, tables, break room appliances and furniture, and other office elements. 

As soon as chairs are placed, the software shows implements safe distancing criteria and clearly shows where chairs are not spaced far enough apart.  The distancing is set to 6 feet by default, but can be adjusted to any distance by users who want to increase spacing.  The web app includes a variety of furniture and other features for restaurants, retail stores, classrooms, and bathrooms. 

This pandemic has proven challenging in many capacities, and countless businesses have either had to delay re-opening their facilities due to configuration challenges that made it impossible to bring workers or customers back safely.  With a simple web app like the COVID-19 Space Planning Tool, redesigning workspaces becomes much easier – all you need are the dimensions of the space and you can get started.