Miso Robotics is Pandemic Tech at its Finest

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Restaurants are having a lot of challenges, from getting customers into stores to ensuring safety for workers.

Automation has disrupted many parts of the economy but restaurants have lagged. Sure, you can order online and fast-food operators like McDonald’s have screens where customers can place an order.

But making the food itself has been a manual process until solutions like Miso Robotics have come along to help food become “manufactured,” the way it might be in a factory but instead, the robot can move baskets from boiling oil and flipping burgers on burning hot grills.

The company has over 12 patents pending and its robots have prepared tens of thousands of pounds of fried food already. Miso says they can save a restaurant up to 67% by automating labor with an increase in profit margin of about 300%

This is a great example of pandemic tech in action.

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