Density Raises $51M from Kleiner Perkins to Reopen Buildings Safely

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Density, a company launched to count people has found itself in the right place at the right time. CEO Andrew Farah said:

When we first conceived of Density six years ago, we just wanted to know if there was a line at our favorite coffee shop. We thought it was odd there was an API for inclement weather but there wasn’t an API for how many people were in a space. We reasoned, if a solution didn’t already exist — which surely it must — it shouldn’t be more than a weekend project. How hard could it be to count people?”

Profile photo of Andrew Farah
Density CEO Andrew Farah

In the new world of social distancing, what could be a better position to be in? This is pandemic tech, ahead of its time!

Getting people back out into the real-world safely is a huge business opportunity. Salesforce was certainly one of the first companies we told you about tackling the issue. Other companies tackling the problem include CXApp and Vitalacy.

Density has just raised $51M from Kleiner Perkins and others, to reopen buildings safely.

They have numerous high-profile customers like Pinterest, Booz Allen Hamilton, Hello Fresh, NYU, Resorts World Casino. Many of them are using Safe by Density to assist in reopening their buildings. Prior to this round, Density had raised $23 million bringing total funding to date to $74 million.

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Ilya Fushman, Partner, Kleiner Perkins

“Density is powering the future of how we measure and manage physical space, and there hasn’t been a more critical moment in our history to get this right,” said Ilya Fushman, Partner, Kleiner Perkins. “Helping businesses reopen safely during a pandemic is just the start for Density, and we’re excited to lead the Series C.”

Profile photo of Dick Costolo
Dick Costolo, Partner at 01 Advisors

“The economic impact of the shutdowns is measured in the trillions,” said Dick Costolo, Partner at 01 Advisors. “Density’s offering is well-timed with the rapidly increasing demand for solutions that enable social distancing and allow businesses to reopen safely. Andrew and the team have built cutting-edge technology that we believe will usher in a new era of data-driven decision making for physical spaces and workplaces. We are excited to collaborate with and support them as they work to build a great company in a new category.”

Profile photo of Mark Suster
Mark Suster, General Partner at Upfront Ventures

“Density anonymously tracks how people move around buildings,” said Mark Suster, General Partner at Upfront Ventures. “The proof of the value is that most of the top companies in Silicon Valley already use our product for safety and security. To say that COVID-19 has accelerated demand for Density’s product would be an understatement. We had to raise a big round of capital just to keep up with demand.”

Profile photo of Jason Calacanis
Jason Calcanis, Founder and CEO of LAUNCH and host of This Week in Startups

“Understanding how many people are utilizing a space is critically important, since real estate is the number one, two or three expense items for almost every business,” said Jason Calcanis, Founder and CEO of LAUNCH. ”Andrew and his team figured this out six years ago, and with their technology, partners are able to make very strategic decisions about how to manage space. Those partners are saving millions of dollars a year, which can be redeployed into R&D, salaries or simply turned into profits.”

Profile photo of Eric Roseman
Eric Roseman, Vice President at LPC Ventures

“Given the current environment, helping tenants to understand how many people can safely occupy their spaces and buildings will be critical in managing, designing and improving the real estate of tomorrow,” said Eric Roseman, Vice President at LPC Ventures.