Tests Show New Mask from Medical Textile Product Manufacturer Protects Against COVID-19

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From the beginning of this pandemic, people have debated the effectiveness of face masks.  Regardless of whom you choose to believe, common sense dictates that all masks have some degree of effectiveness, but that it varies with the type of mask.  Some are N95 rated, others are homemade versions using whatever material available.  Some have replaceable filters and others don’t.  Some are more comfortable than others.  Depending on individual circumstances, people can choose the masks that best meet their needs.

Over the past several months, countless manufacturers have brought their versions of face masks to market as demand grew for re-usable PPE once it became evident COVID-19 wasn’t going away quickly and masks would be part of our lives for some time.

Some have been designed for all-day comfort, like this one from Duvaltex

The UConn School of Engineering developed a custom-fit mask frame using facial recognition to increase the effectiveness of common masks.

Now, for those who are want a mask with test data behind it, HipSaver, a Massachusetts-based medical textile products manufacturer, has leveraged its expertise in material construction to make a mask that is 92% effective against aerosolized particles.  In fact, Viral Filtration Efficacy (VFE) tests conducted by Nelson Labs were conducted with aerosolized particles five times smaller than COVID-19 particles, so it’s reasonable to think the DermaSaver Sci-Tex masks are even more effective against this virus.

“Virus transmission experts agree that exposure duration and dose volume of virus particles are two key factors in overwhelming the immune system.  This test result shows a dramatic reduction in the dose volume exposure.”

Ed Goodwin, founder and product development manager, HipSaver

Anyone who wears glasses of any kind knows well how easily they can fog up when wearing a mask. The DermaSaver Sci-Tex masks come in two versions.  The standard model works for people without glasses, though a moldable nose bridge insert reduces most eyeglass fog for short periods (including sunglasses).  The Fog X model has a specially designed pleated nose cup that reduces fogging by 90% for extended wear with glasses.

The masks are made of two layers of water resistant microfiber polyester designed to repel airborne droplets, with the inside surfaces of the two layers meshing together to create an additional barrier.  The masks are machine washable (tested to more than 200 washes) and adjustable ear bands make it easy to create a tight yet comfortable fit.

The masks are available in adult, child, and adolescent sizes, and sizes and are available for $20 each.