Polte Launches COVID-19 Distancing and Contact Tracing Solution

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Social distancing and contact tracing are both crucially important when companies start to reopen safely. This past week Las vegas closed down its bars after recently reopening many of its businesses. It’s possible if social distancing was better adhered to, they would have not needed to close down.

Enter Polte – they have a new solution, Polte Proximity as reported on by our colleague Ken Briodagh on our sister site IoT Evolution

Profile photo of Ed Chao
Ed Chao, chief executive officer, Polte

Last year, when the company received $12.5 million in funding, Ed Chao, chief executive officer said, “Businesses across all sectors and geographies know that location services are essential in enabling organizations to have unprecedented visibility into their assets and operations. Polte technology is less expensive to deploy at scale, an order of magnitude more accurate, and more secure than current approaches to location information.”

Like many companies, Polte is pivoting to help solve the Covide-19 crisis with pandemic tech.

Ken had a chance to interview Ed last year on a podcast and Ed explained asset trackers can be very expensive, costing thousands and his company is enabling the sub-$5 tracker.

The Polte IoT Cloud Cellular Location Services technology was good enough to win our coveted IoT Excellence award in 2019 in fact.

Polte Proximity leverages 4G and 5G Mobile IoT networks to provide a secure, privacy-preserving, enterprise-scale social distancing and contact tracing solution for enterprises. ​

For Employers, Polte Proximity’s innovative proof of location capability enables advanced location-based contact tracing and real-time identification of high-risk events.​

For Employees, Polte Proximity empowers them to feel confident in returning to job sites through smart, cloud-configurable alerts and button presses.

With no need for added infrastructure or invasive downloads to employee’s phones, Polte Proximity capitalizes on Polte’s existing asset tracking platform to allow you to get up and running fast. Polte Proximity consists of only a small, lightweight, rechargeable wearable Powered by Polte IoT device and access to reporting and insights within the Polte IoT Cloud (PIC) to provide seamless coverage for workers anywhere they go during the work day – indoors and outdoors.

Picture two employees working in a large home improvement store’s warehouse. In a normal world, employees would cross each other or come within close proximity of another countless times throughout their shift. Returning to work as doors reopen, employees can’t afford to focus constant energy on theirs and others’ spatial awareness. When employees clock in, they are able to attach a Polte Proximity device to the lanyard used to wear their ID card. Another may choose to carry it in their pocket, or clip it to their belt.

When employees wearing devices get too close together for too long as they go about their daily tasks, real-time alerts are triggered, which will continue until the employee presses the button to acknowledge them. Notifications of the event’s occurrence (via SMS or email) can be sent to the specified employer personnel to take action as appropriate. Using Polte’s Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) technology, Polte Proximity leverages existing 4G and 5G cellular networks and cloud computing to provide proof of location of these events, which are logged in the PIC.

Management can use this to immediately turn secure data into actionable insights:

  • High-risk areas can be identified in the facility before causing additional potential exposure.
  • Social distancing policies can be reliably enforced to keep employees safe.
  • Social distancing is incentivized without requiring management time and oversight on the floor.
  • Contact tracing can be performed for a database of past contact should an employee become infected.
  • All proximity alerts are logged, complete with proof of occurrence on company property or a job site.

The solution is also private, there is no need for employees to download an application to their phones or take the device home with them at the close of a workday.  Whether your employees are inside a warehouse, working an auto manufacturing line or at a construction site on a school campus, Polte Proximity can apply to a host of indoor and outdoor use cases due to its reliance on cellular networks.

We think this is a great solution for many companies looking to get back to work safely and securely.

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