IQH3D 3D Displays to Help Keep Residents Safe and Entertained in Nursing Homes

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We know nursing homes are a hotbed for disease for numerous reasons. One is viral shed – impaired individuals likely shed more virus. They are typically in confined areas meaning the viral load is greater for the exposed people. The combination of large shed and load means the body has a larger chance of having a life-threatening reaction.

To keep nursing home residents as well as those in other healthcare facilities in their homes, IQH3D monitors have been used showing therapeutic scenes such as waterfalls, nature parks, beaches and sunsets.

3D content can be viewed on these screens without glasses – making the scenes they display more lifelike and engaging.

“Our 3D displays show life-like 3D content that is proven to grasp the attention of these patients better than regular 2D and is more comfortable to use than other 3D screens that require glasses,” said Loyal Haylett, CEO IQH3D.