COVID-19 Highlights the Need for Home Office Security

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In mid-March, the work-at-home movement that was already growing in popularity, become the dominant work strategy overnight as COVID-19 forced millions of businesses to close their doors to workers.  For those new teleworkers, it was a sudden shift that required a new approach to the workday, especially if they also had spouses and children also working and learning from home.

If nothing else, it put home WiFi networks to the test.  At the same time, though, it created new targets for hackers to get into corporate network, with millions of new connections to business resources.  It’s been a potential nightmare for corporate IT and security professionals, as well as MSPs managing corporate networks.

Safety NetAccess saw an opportunity to help businesses enhance their security across their newly distributed work environments.  Its new product line, HomeWorx, is specifically designed to help businesses manage remote workers’ WiFi and security to reduce risk to corporate networks.

Quite simply, HomeWorx is a managed access point that provides a separate SSID, separate from their home WiFi networks, to add an additional layer of protection during a time when many more devices, applications, and services are being used than under normal conditions.  The company is using branded versions of Aruba’s remote access points for its solution.

The HomeWorx device plugs into an existing home router – employees just need an available Ethernet port on their routers.  The HomeWorx router include a PoE port for IP phones (Plus Edition), as well as an additional port for wired printer connections.  IT teams can add an additional layer of security by only allowing specific devices onto their HomeWorx networks based on MAC address.

“Recent malicious and targeted attacks on work-from-home employees have increased the urgency for companies to provide their workforce with a simplified solution that is easy to implement and provides unlimited security protection.”

Todd Shobert, Chief Technology Officer, SNA

The HomeWorx Router includes a built-in firewall, and comes pre-configured with the highest level of security policies to minimize risk to corporate assets.  Once installed, HomeWorx will continue to auto-update the devices with the latest firmware and software to continuously keep home offices secure.

With so many companies already extending their teleworking policies through the end of this year or into next year – and with many even announcing permanent remote working arrangements – the need to ensure security of those remote offices has to be a priority.  With so many people accessing network resources, the opportunity for hackers only increases.

HomeWorx has three variants of its routers, starting at $29/month for the managed service, each with different levels of support and some additional features as you move up in price point.