Touchless Kiosk Adds New Twist to Workplace Safety Tech

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We’ve seen many of innovative solutions emerge since the beginning of the pandemic designed to help companies work effectively in teleworking arrangements, and then to help them safely bring workers back to offices. 

They include a variety of temperature and health screening, distance monitoring, traffic flow, cleaning tracking, and of course contact tracing solutions.  Some companies have collaborated with others to bring enhanced solutions to market combining their technologies.  Not surprisingly, contactless solutions also have seen increased interest because of their ability to reduce physical touchpoints. 

Sentry Health has taken some of the features found in many of these products and combined them into a single kiosk-based workplace safety solution, with an added twist to further aid in reducing risk.

Infrared Temperature Scanners – One sensor is positioned on the upper section of the kiosk, with a second one on the lower section for ADA compliance.  The sensors capture temperature readings within seconds with a sensitivity of 0.2 degrees Celsius.

Health Surveys – The kiosk’s LCD screen can display self-screening questions, and the integrated camera system recognizes affirmative head nods and negative head shakes as responses, for a touchless screening experience. 

Facial Recognition – This optional add-on can help reinforce mask policies, identifying whether individuals are wearing masks and ensuring they are being worn properly.  Facial recognition can also be used to allow or deny entry for individuals based on credentials or health criteria.  An added feature is it can deliver data to HR or other  personnel software management platforms.

Access Control – Using a library of APIs, the kiosk can integrate with automated entry systems to allow or deny entry based on screening results.  A video stream can also be added to the customer’s video management system.

Sentry Link – The integrated secure administrative portal provides managers with real-time access reporting and includes APIs for integration with existing systems.

Touchless Hand Sanitizer – Here’s the nest little twist.  An automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is integrated into the kiosk.  It’s use is required before individuals who have passed the screening are allowed to proceed into facilities.  An optical eye automatically monitors usage and ensures user compliance, while also providing an audit trail.

Personique Surgery Center in Austin has added the Sentry Health Kiosk to its offices to provide a safer environment for patients, physicians, and staff.  The kiosk interfaces with the automatic front door and requires visitors to follow a series of prompts and answer a COVID19 health questionnaire before allowing them to enter.  It also detects whether visitors are wearing masks properly, and prompts them to sanitize their hands before opening the doors.

“Our focus is on risk reduction and doing everything we can to mitigate the asymptomatic spread of COVID-19.  We’re proud to be the first business in Austin to offer this new technology and believe that the new kiosk, alongside other preventative measures, will help ensure a safer, healthier space for everyone.”

Angelica Hesles, Manager, Personique,

This is the latest safety measure to be implemented by Personique.  It had already added UV-C lights to its HVAC system to help kill bacteria and viruses.