Tech Collaboration Helping Create Safe Workplaces During Pandemics

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The big challenge facing businesses today is keeping their workplaces safe so they can bring employees back and maintain operational stability.  That means ensuring safe workplaces, which goes beyond enhanced cleaning and distancing protocols.  Ideally, it means keeping COVID-19 out of the workplace, school, or whatever venue you’re operating.  That means being able to collect information about workers, students, and visitors before they have a chance to bring the virus into a facility.

TouchSource and Cleared4Work have teamed up to provide a technology-driven solution that can help do exactly that.  TouchSource’s Taos wellness kiosk provides the temperature screening, touchless hand sanitizer and digital information displays in a single kiosk that can be placed at logical places in facilities.  Cleared4Work is a platform that helps companies automate compliance with health and safety protocols, including symptom monitoring, allowing low-risk individuals to enter, and quarantining those who need it. 

Through the partnership, Clear4Work is integrated into the TouchSource kiosks to help ensure that employees pass a health survey and onsite temperature screening before entering their workplaces. 

“Companies are struggling to open and stay open amidst constant change with the global pandemic.  We’re in the same boat as are our customers.  That’s why we teamed up with our innovation partner Cleared4Work to provide real solutions for pandemic challenges.”

AJAY KAPOOR, CEO, TouchSource 

Cleared4Work provides a digital screening survey designed and continuously updated by medical professionals, which is then analyzed by an algorithm to determine whether individuals are cleared to enter the office, school, event, or other venue.  Upon taking the survey, individuals will be reminded to provide daily updates to confirm any changes in their responses or conditions.  A secondary temperature screening is performed at the kiosk to ensure verify conditions and make sure data is stored in a HIPAA-compliant, secure database.  

If cleared for entry, individuals are given a mobile access pass they can scan at the kiosks for entry. 

Individuals failing their screenings because they are deemed to present a risk receive a red flag notification that denies access to the facility.  Those people automatically receive messages on the kiosk screens and on their mobile devices informing them how to proceed.  The platform is even integrated with health providers and labs for validation of testing, vaccination, and other immunity conditions.

The combined solution can significantly reduce the risk of exposure to the virus for other employees, students, guests, and anyone else in the facility. 

“Adding the Taos wellness kiosk extends our platform, enabling clients to ensure that healthy employees and visitors can easily check-in, while seamlessly handling those with possible symptoms.  This check-in data is also used to automate contact trace reporting.”

Ashley Heather , COO, Cleared4Work

Considering the number of hotspots that have appeared across the country as workplaces, schools, and other facilities have re-opened, mitigating risk has to be a top priority to avoid additional shutdowns.

Solutions like the Cleared4Work and TouchSource partnership, however, extend beyond COVID-19.  The technology can be used to manage any contagious diseases, including the flu, to keep workplaces safe at all times.