Safe Spacer Wearable Social Distance Monitor is Pandemic Tech For Your Office

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Social distancing is an important part of the work environment in this post-pandemic world in which we live.

Yesterday, Tom Cross wrote about how airflow can be a crucial factor in spreading CoronaVirus and he shared how new airflow in HVAC systems could mitigate the risk.

Until then he proposed the following to stay safe:

Distance – Dose – Duration

  1. Increase distance to 10+ feet or more.
  2. Reduce dose by wearing a shield/mast.
  3. Reduce duration to less than 10 minutes.

How though is this to be done in the real world?

We reported above that Ford and the UAW is working on social distancing bracelets – this solution, however, was for their own factories.

Not every organization has the resources to design their own solution.

Safe Spacer is a new lightweight wearable device that helps workers and visitors to maintain safe social distancing, enabling workplaces and public spaces to re-open and operate with peace of mind.

Using Ultra-wideband technology, Safe Spacer runs wirelessly on a rechargeable battery and precisely senses when other devices come within 2m/6ft, alerting wearers with a choice of visual, vibrating or audio alarm.

It uses a patent-pending algorithm that works immediately out of the box, with no set-up or special infrastructure needed and can be comfortably worn on a wristband, with a lanyard, or carried in a pocket. It offers ultra-precise measurement down to 10cm/4″ – more accurate than Bluetooth applications.

Beyond factories, warehouses and offices, Safe Spacer can also be used by visitors of public spaces such as schools, hospitals, gyms, museums, hotels, casinos and more. Engineered for fast, easy disinfection, it’s also waterproof. Safe Spacer works wirelessly via NFC contactless technology or Bluetooth.

Safe Spacer - image 2

Each device features a unique ID tag and built-in memory to optionally associate with workers’ names for tracing any unintentional contact. To maintain high privacy standards, no data except the device’s ID and proximity is stored.

For advanced workplace use, an optional iOS/Android app allows human resources or safety departments to associate IDs to specific workers, log and export daily tracing without collecting sensitive data, configure the alarms, set custom distance/alert thresholds and more.

Safe Spacer is Made in Italy and developed by IK Multimedia – a leader in music creation hardware and software products for iPhone, iPad and Mac/PC for the last 25 years, with experience creating wireless enabled audio products and apps.

CEO Enrico Iori said, “We created Safe Spacer to help our Italian factory workers maintain safe distance during re-opening. It’s easy to use, fast to deploy, private, and secure, so it can be used comfortably in any situation. We hope this solution helps other companies feel secure as they re-open, too.”

The solution will be available in early Q3 directly from IK Multimedia for $/€99.99 (excluding taxes), with volume discounts available.