100 Million People Are Using Contact Tracing Apps

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Wow, that was fast!

One of the most important parts of slowing the spread of CoronaVirus is knowing who might be infected and quarantining them until you are sure they are not infected.

It takes a single infected person to eventually infect large populations.

If you listen to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s press briefings, he often talks about hiring contact tracers. The U.S. needs tens of thousands of these people.

Similar to how New York airports lead the world in stone-age technology, its contact tracing does the same.

Much of the world uses technology to keep track of who has been exposed to the disease.

In fact, 100 million people worldwide are using this technology.

92 million in India, 5.3 million in Australia, 1.4 million in Poland 1.5 million in Israel.

Most countries have low penetration – Iceland is highest at 38% with 140,000 users.

China’s numbers are not disclosed.

The information comes courtesy of an MIT spreadsheet and article you can reference if you want more info on the types of technology used for the apps and other data points like data destruction.

We believe technology is the only solution to Covid-19. There is no guarantee a vaccine will be found according to news from WHO this morning. Treatments are improving but ultimately, tech is the best solution for social distancing, contact tracing, disinfecting and more.

In yesterdays’ Pandemic Tech News TV episode, we discussed how the Trump administration seems OK with a national contact tracing solution – which will likely be an app.