It’s Not Just Covid-19, Dengue, Ebola, Yellow Fever and More on the Rise

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We hate to sound the alarm but if we learned anything from Covid-19, it was that preparation is key. To that end, there are many new virus outbreaks we need to be aware of.

Here is the list of outbreaks and locations:

  • Dengue: Indonesia, LATAM, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal
  • Ebola: Africa
  • Avian influenza: South Carolina
  • Yellow Fever: Ethiopia
  • Measles: Mexico, Barundi
  • MERS: Saudi Arabia

Some like dengue are spread through mosquitos and others are respiratory. All this while Covid-19 is spiking in South America as well.

Four people have just died from ebola in the Congo and the Governor advises not to touch ill or dead people who have had fever or bleeding.

The need for pandemic tech is here to stay and more importantly, in a globally connected world, spreading these viruses is happening more rapidly than ever. Much of the world is in lock-down now and eager to open. The challenges posed by these other viruses are very real and technology needs to help us get them under control.

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