New App from Business Contingency Group to Help Business Manage COVID-19 Workplace Risk

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Business Contingency Group (BCG) announces the launch of its new app to help manage the risk at the workplace. The web-based app is called SafetyCount Pandemic and requires only a browser and access to the internet. Employees, visitors, patients, and contractors answer a few critical screening questions before traveling to the worksite or clinic, and the app auto generates a report alerting them if they can or cannot proceed that day.

Lee Goldstein, BCG president

“SafetyCount Pandemic will help identify and track high-risk employees, visitors, patients, and contractors that temperature checks at the door may miss. The reports are used by the employer so they are informed of the status of persons coming to their facility. It offers an added layer to manage the risk of COVID-19. Employees, visitors, patients, and contractors who are more confident that their workplace or clinic is safe and healthy will be more likely to come into work and keep clinic appointments.” said Lee Goldstein, BCG president.

SafetyCount Pandemic provides the users with automated next steps before they go to a worksite or clinic and this helps minimize risk. Employers are able to view and analyze data submitted by employees, visitors, and contractors to understand their COVID-19 status and to help manage operational decisions and plans. Clinicians can prescreen patients before they leave their homes and advise them to contact the clinic for additional instructions if they meet certain risk factors for COVID-19.

“We are proud to have a part in helping American businesses re-open safely and understand the strain the shutdown has had on resources, so we are waiving all fees for the use of SafetyCount Pandemic for two months.”

Mr. Goldstein says the app is live and ready to be implemented into the daily operations of every business no matter the size.

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