Smart Restrooms to Increase Cleanliness and Support Pandemic Health Protocols


There are so many things businesses have to consider as they re-open as we try to move into the next phases of managing the COVID-19 pandemic.  After being isolated for the better part of three months, it’s natural for people to want to get back to some of their normal work and personal activities.

There’s been a lot of activity around technologies that can help businesses provide a safe environment for inviting workers and customers back to their facilities – people counting, contact tracing, contactless tech, sanitation solutions, and more. 

But there’s a key part of most facilities that seems to have flown under the radar.  Even though restrooms are one of high-volume areas, they haven’t gotten much attention, other than being part of normal cleaning processes.  Yet, they are one of the busiest areas in many industries – restaurants, travel, sports and entertainment, retail, and corporate and government buildings – and have always been a key part of facility cleanliness.  The COVID-19 pandemic has only highlighted the need to improved policies and procedures for restrooms.

Naturally, there are cleaning and disinfecting protocols that need to be followed, but in order to effectively manage restrooms, especially in larger venues with high volume and many restrooms, staff need to be able to work efficiently to be able to provide the safest conditions.

TRAX Analytics has an answer.  Its Smart Restroom solution give facilities managers and custodial staff data-driven actionable insight to help them better manage their operations.  By providing data on restroom status using smart dispensers and other sensors, the system turns restroom safety into a data-driven process.  Having accurate, real-time data on occupancy and throughput, staff location and activity, dispenser status, and more allows custodial teams to operate more efficiently, reduce waste, and provide a better, cleaner experience for customers.

Features include:

  • Restroom usage, trends, peak hours, and alerts
  • Attendant check ins, location status, and cleaning durations captured completely passively
  • Guest feedback survey data and KPI metrics
  • Mobile app for real-time alerts, task management, work order management, and inventory management
  • Real time alerts for product depletion and restocking needs
  • Stall occupancy light and latches

The busiest airport in the U.S. based on passenger volume – Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport – started installing smart bathrooms three years ago and is expanding its use of the technologies as it looks to bring passenger levels back to pre-pandemic levels.

“We have seen such drastic improvement in customer experience, customer satisfaction, and the cleanliness of our facilities since we started this smart restroom effort in partnership with TRAX Analytics almost three years ago.  We are excited to expand it airport wide and confident the use of this technology will continue to bring travelers comfort that the airport and its partners at AATC are taking the best possible measures to ensure the cleanliness of our facility.”

Steve Mayers, Director of Customer Experience, ATL

With the TRAX data, airport staff are able to better analyze performance, maintenance, and restroom status while actively managing inventory and the routes of custodians.  They are able to monitor trends in restroom activity to better understand capacity and demand and maximize operational efficiency.  Automatic routing based on alerts, combined with  predictive and real-time analytics help keep staff and management updated and able to respond immediately to any needs, including integrating the data into work order systems and facility mapping.

“TRAX will help keep passenger interaction areas operational and at the highest quality and sanitization levels, especially during the busy travel seasons.  We’ve been working with TRAX for over a year and they have helped us continue down our path of  creating the smart restroom of the future that passengers demand and deserve.”

Kofi Smith, President and CEO of AATC