Relay Cellular Walkie-Talkie Solution is Great for Covid-19 Patient Communications

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Relay makes amazing walkie-talkie like devices. They are small. About the size of a large York Mint. They have pretty-good battery life and allow audio communications using the cellular network.

We have tried the devices and were impressed with them. You can set up groups that include a smartphone app. When someone sends a message, everyone in the group receives it.

The packaging is very Apple-like, extremely impressive and professional.

The solution is durable, has built-in GPS, nationwide coverage, one-touch design, unlimited channels as compared to traditional walkie-talkies and cloud connectivity.

Obviously, if you use a smartphone, you may wonder why you would want one of these devices but there are lots of applications which could benefit from their use. Worksites, golf courses, facilities management, etc. Tracking and communicating with young children is another. There are solid reasons to not get your kids a phone. TikTok might just be one of them.

Recently, studies have shown brain activity and blood oxygen level in the brain increases when a person in a coma hears the voice of family members.

The reason why Relay is a fantastic service to take advantage of these findings is it works seamlessly without the receiving user needing to press anything. Just like a walkie-talkie.
Coma patients can hear the voices of loved ones all day and loved ones will know they are helping their sick family members During Covid-19, Relay has proven to be amazing Pandemic Tech, worthy of your consideration.

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